L Flyes

Lying "L" Flyes:
  The book "The 7-Minute
Rotator Cuff Solution" recommends this exercise be
performed with very light weight.  If you are
rehabbing an injury, they recommend you use 1 to 5
lbs. at most. If you are conditioning to prevent
injury, they recommend using 5 to 15 lbs. and never
exceed 20 lbs.  The external rotators are small
muscles and can be easily injured if you try to move a
lot of weight with them.

Lying on your side on a flat bench, begin with your
arm bent at 90 degrees at the elbow, your upper arm
along your side and your forearm down across your

Hold a very light dumbell in your hand and
while maintaining the 90 degree angle bend in your
elbow, slowly lift the weight.  If you are rehabbing
an injury, lift only until your forearm is just above
parallel to the ground.  If you are not rehabbing an
injury, lift your arm as high as is comfortable.  If
you experience any discomfort in your shoulder during
the exercise, try putting a small pillow under your
elbow.  It is important while doing this exercise to
not raise your upper arm off your body or let it slip
forward and down.  You should keep your arm at your
side at all times.  Rolling back while doing the
exercise is also a no, no.  Keep your body in the same
plane throughout the movement.

The Upright "L" Flye is a more advanced exercise than the
Lying "L" Fly.  The Lying "L" Fly puts most stress at
the end of the movement whereas the Standing "L" Fly
puts the most stress at the beginning.  Be sure to
have reached a moderate strength level in the lying
version before using the upright version and if you
are rehabbing an injury, the upright version should
not be used in the beginning stages.

Holding a light dumbell (1 to 20 lbs.), rest your
tricep on a support.  Ideally, the support should be
just below armpit height.  Maintaining a right angle
bend at your elbow, lower the dumbell or cable handle
until your forearm is at or just below parallel to the

Slowly raise the weight back to the starting
position.  Do not jerk as you move from the down to up
position as this will put a great deal of stress on
the external rotators.  The authors of the book "The
7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution" believe you shouldn't
continue to increase the level of resistance on this
exercise as you get stronger.  They recommend that no
more than 20 lbs. be used regardless of strength