Sumo Deadlift

Board co-owner Clint Gray is demonstrating the Sumo Deadlifting style.

Board Participants Mike Brookman and Clint Gray demonstrate the bottom position of a Sumo Deadlift

Notice the narrower grip when using this style. Clint's arms are inside of his legs.
Again, as in the conventional deadlift:
* The back is flat or arched
* Head is up
* Butt is kept low
The difference between beginning the sumo and beginning the conventional deadlift is, the conventional deadlift is started with the bar over the toe knuckles, the sumo is started with the bar up against the shins.
The Sumo Deadlift tends to utilize the legs more, particularly the hamstrings. It also tends to be more difficult to break the bar off of the ground than the conventional. The Sumo is usually better suited for someone with short limbs relative to the length of their torso. regardless of their overall hieght.
Purpose of the bands you see here are to lighten the load at the bottom of the lift. This is superior to pulling out of a given hieght in the rack, because when pulling off of pins, you never pull the same way you will be pulling when doing the actual exercise.